OAuth - How to use Grant Type "Authorization Code" for token generation

Hi everyone,

I recently read this excellent blog post about token authentication using the REST API for Innovator, and in it Christopher Gillis says that

'[c]urrently, I believe "password" is the only authentication type allows [sic]. Aras as a whole is moving towards more types of authentication in 12.0, so this is likely to change in the upcoming releases.'

With 12.0 released, I see that OAuthServer\OAuth.config now defines two allowedGrantTypes for the clientRegistry with ID "IOMApp": 'password' - the one that I have been using in my code when generating OAuth tokens for Innovator so far - but also 'authorization_code'.

Hence, I was wondering if anyone knows a practical way yet to generate the access token with that grant type, instead of using "password"?

Thanks a lot in advance for any info on this subject.