How to set 'Simple Search' as default search mode in relationship grid instead of 'Hide Search Criteria'?

Hey Experts,

I want to set the search mode as 'Simple Search' by default in the Relationship Grid. 

Normally when i open any item having relationship, i am getting default search mode as 'Hide Search Criteria'. Is there any way to configure this in the Aras?

  • Hi Aaba,

    the only way I have come across to change this is to change the relationshipsGrid.html in

         <Path to Innovator Installation>\Innovator\Client\scripts:

    Somewhere it will say

         RelationshipGridSearchContainer.prototype.defaultSearchMode = "NoUI";

    You can change the "NoUI" to "Simple", which should do the trick. Remember to increase the filesRevision in Innovator/Client/web.config at the very bottom for your changes to the client code tree to be grabbed immediately.

    However, this changes this behaviour for all ItemTypes. If you want it for a particular ItemType/Relationship only, you'd probably have to use some client side method to implement this (unless there is some way to configure this that I simply haven't seen yet).

    Hope this helps,