How to add History using a custom method?

I want to log in History when a specific "Action" is performed on a "Part" . I try to do this by adding to the "History" table. I do get a response that the record is added, However, I do not see a record in the database, neither visible in the History View. I try to do this by invoking "History Daemon" identity.

How can i achieve this in Aras?

<Item action='add' type='History'>
<action>Special Action</action>
<source_id>#######ITEM HISTORY CONTAINER ID#############/source_id>
<comments>Attempted Special Action</comments>
<item_id>#######ITEM ID##############</item_id>

  • I don´t want to take over this thread, but I have made a quick test today and maybe this helps. I want to create a generic Method that I can reuse in various other Methods to track certain events. E.g. I want to track when user started certain tasks from Form elements or Actions. 

    This one worked for me. Record is visible in History view. Used Innovator version is 11SP15.

    <Removed by author. Code available via PM for end users. >


    - When I added the 'Super User' or 'Aras PLM' to the 'History Daemon' identity, I still wasn´t able to add a new History entry. I finally decided to directly use the History Daemon.
    DateTime.UtcNow.Ticks.ToString() that I used for created_on_tick is based on an Aras code sample (Method 'VC_PopulateAndAddSecureMessage')
    - There are still some properties missing. The current sample doesn´t set the revision properties that are used in the History

    I wonder if the same can be achieved more easily. Writing a history entry is no exotic task. Isn´t there some Aras Method available that we can reuse?

  • Hi Angela, I love the threads from 5 or 6 years ago, just the version I have, hahahaha.

    Coincidentally, the company is telling me if an entry could be put in the history when they make a version of certain items.
    I was looking a little at the structure of the history items. A little confusing at first like everything in ARAS.

    And looking at the forum I saw this thread. Can you send me or enter the code you entered?

    Thank you so much!!.

  • Hi,

    just send me your email address via the internal messaging system in this forum.

    I just don´t share full code samples code in public anymore, cause in the past certain partners re-selled the stuff while never contributing anything to the forum and community.

    The previous code in this forum was outdated anyway and didn´t contain some important parts. :-D

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