Cannot Add File

I am attempting to add files during batchloading of cad documents but I get an error message can not add FIle Item. After viewing Aras forums and batchloading guide, there is an actual_filename property that I do not have for File Item type. If I need this property to upload file, can some one please tell me what properties does this actual_filename comprise of for success full upload of file. I do not believe it would be a String data type.

  <Item type="CAD" action="add">
           <Item type="File" action="add">
                   <Item type="FileType" action="get">
                   <Item type="Located" action="add">

  • Do you use the regular Aras batch loader? As far as I know, uploading files with the batch loader was possible in the past, but is no longer possible in newer Aras version like 12. 

    Edit: I think this one was caused by security restrictions in modern browsers (so Aras it not to blame). In the past it was possible to upload files from the clients PC just via a path. This of course is a potential risk. So right now when you want to upload files this way, you need to build an own solution with file picker.