What does the Debug checkbox inside the top-right menu do?

Hi community,

does anyone of you know the purpose of the "Debug" checkbox inside the top-right menu?

I never have noticed it in the past. I checked the available documentation but weren´t able to find any hints regarding this one.

Many thanks for any hint!


  • Hi community,

    I think I found a partial answer to this one. The debug option is related to debugging of JS Methods.

    Inside JS-Methods we can use the "debugger" statement. The CUI checkbox seems to allow us to turn on/off these debugger statements.

    But it requires some extra code and I haven´t found a code sample yet. So that´s why this one is only a partial answer...


    Edit: Answer was pretty simple as soon as I came to the obvious genius idea to just take a look at the dev guide. With aras.DEBUG we can check the Debug flag and then use it to enable/disable the debugger statement.

    Question solved.