Create a new Action Items when it passed its Target Date

The user needs to create an action item in the Issue form even if it’s past its Target Closure Date.

The options by providing the following update: 1. Allow anyone assigned as an Issue Champion (whether a group member or an individual user) to add any number of action items in the Issue with a target closure date, not within the main Issue's Target Closure Date. 2. Add a warning message that will tell the user that the date set in the action item is not within the main issue's Target Closure Date. 3. The creator of the Issues can change the Target Closure Date.

 Any inputs on how to execute this enhancement?


  • Without image or some samples is a bit hard to understand what you try to do. 

    Do you want that users of a specific group can change the Item outside the regular LifeCycle? So users shall not be able to edit everything, but only a limited amount of data? If yes, you can solve this one with a few Actions / CUI elements.

    1.  If your "action" items are represented by relationships, you can use CUI or Actions buttons to allow user to create new entries on click. If possible, use CUI. CUI relationship Methods are harder to build, but in combination with an init Method provide good user experience. E.g. you can disable the element for users not allowed to do the change. You may need an additional server Method to execute the final change with suitable permissions. 

    2. Date check is easy. Use standard notify warnings or dialogs to inform the user. I personally would use a confirm dialog, so user have click "Yes I am aware what I am doing" before applying the change.

    3. If this shall be done outside regular edit, just make a simple Action/CUI Method that use grant permission to perform the change in the background. Don´t forget to update the Form/Grid after change.

  • Hi Angelalp,

    I am new with Aras, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    This is the scenario:

    1. A user creates an 'Issues' (Item Type) with target closure date 7/31/23

    2. The request is overdue

    3. Another user needs to create a new 'Action Items' (Relationship) on 8/1/23, and the system won't let them to do that with an error message "Invalid Target Closure Date"

    What kind of enhancement to make it work? Can the creator of the 'Issues' change the target closure date after it was submitted? Thanks!

  • Hi LKar,

    do you try to customize an Aras application (Project Management? Requirements?) or is this a custom ItemType in your company?

    Can you provide a screenshot? Feel free to blur all content that is related to your company or individual persons. The use case is just easier to understand with a bit of context.