Upload file Rest API using Logic App

I am currently developing a sample project in Azure Logic Apps using the Aras Restful APIs.

However while trying to Execute the vault.UploadFile API I am facing the 500 error message:

The Rest API  Call Details are as follows :

    "headers": {
        "Content-Range""bytes 0-4/5",
For now I am trying to upload a simple text file as seen above. I have verified the url as well as run the same in Postman , ARC and fiddler - and I am able to get it working in all the cases except for via Logic Apps .
Please let me know if anyone knows what I am missing here . Thanks
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  • Although1337x-proxy  is often thought of as a no-code tool, it’s better understood as an alternative to the venerable BizTalk business automation tool. When you build a Logic App, you’re providing basic rules for linking more than one application with a network of components, providing the rules and structure needed for message routing.

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