Is it possible to create custom ConversionServer tasks without external DLL?

Hi community,

does anyone know if we can create custom ConversionServer without external DLLs?

I want to run some "export files" task in the background if the expected file size is very large. I right now use a Minerva extension for this task, but I want to replace it with an own solution. The tool will probably not work anymore after next update (I have no subscription...), so I want to be prepared for the future.

There are a few blog articles regarding creating custom ConversionServer DLLs. But I wonder if we can avoid the DLL at all?

I am able to create a custom ConversionTask, but the code inside is not executed yet. I mainly look for hints regarding how to build a proper "onConvert" Method that can be used in the ConversionRule.

Can anyone share some experience regarding this topic? If you have a solution but don´t want to share it in public (aká give it away for free): I would exchange a solution for this one with one of my own solution that you might be interested ! Slight smile

Many thanks!