Is there any limitation on number of item to be added in the form for ARAS 11?

Hai ,

I am working on ARAS 11th version, There I do have a form with 1005 Items(html,textbox,line,Rectangle,form action….ect.). But I can’t able to add more Items than this. If I try to add new Item The entire form disappear from the workstation , And I have to delete the newly added Item to get the form back.


Is there any limitation to add number of Item in ARAS 11?


Kindly help me back.

  • Hi,

    Yes there are limits. Some caused by Innovator, some by SQL database. I don´t know the exact numbers.  Regular SQL tables cannot contain more than 1024 columns (=your itemtype properties). In the past xProperties supported around 4000 elements.

    I don´t know the limit for elements in the form editor. But I am much more surprised that you are still able to work with the Form editor with more than 200 elements at all. Innovator 11 still contains the jumping fields glitch.

     Jumping fields in Form editor. What is the root cause of this annoying glitch? 

    You describe that you have html elements and "lines". Do you mean you use certain html elements solely for decoration and UI design? If yes, you could dramatically reduce the amount of html elements, by combining multiple elements into one html. You don´t need a single html element for each single line element.

    Look at the small screenshot in my linked post. You will note a lot of fields and gray boxes in the background for decoration and some information hint at the bottom. The decoration and the information hint are all in one single html element. Always group lines, boxes and other text you use for decoration. The html element can contain a lot of code. You can even integrate custom buttons or input fields if you want to further reduce you amount of fields. 

    Best regards


  • Hai , Thank you for your response . Finally we have reduce the controls by making up two forms . But In future I will definitely try your ideas. 

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