Building a JSON file generator! (or is there already something that I can reuse?)


does anybody know if one of the latest Aras version (SP11-15) contain an ItemType or tool that can be used to generate a JSON structure that link to Aras properties?

I want to build a JSON File generator in Aras. Planned scope of features:

  • Offer end user the possible to define custom multilevel JSON structures
  • generate JSON based on defined structure and fill it with static or dynamic property values
  • map Item specific value to certain dynamic properties
  • offer the possibility to use templates (can be done similar to TechDocs)
  • export the result to a file
  • Map file to Documents or other ItemTypes were the result is required

In some way, the whole idea can be described as TechDocs for JSON.

I am already able to create a json file based on properties. But my current sample is mainly a code sample and I don´t have an UI yet that makes it´s end-user friendly.
I wonder if there is something in Aras that I can reuse as UI? Maybe it´s possible to extend the content generator or TechDocs to generate JSON?

It´s of course possible to use a new ItemType and build a custom UI. But want to avoid that I do work twice.
Maybe there is already something available that helps to provide end users the json structure and properties the most easy way. 

Has anyone an idea? Thanks for any input!