Aras to SAP and Salesforce data exchange


I wonder what methods are you using for data exchange between Aras PLM and other systems like Salesforce or SAP?

Are these community applications, some dedicated pieces of coding or other? I am looking for any advice or experience you may have.

Thank you for all your help


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  • SAP is very integrated into the ERP part, which SF does not have. Nevertheless, SAP CRM is rather old and cunning, compared to Salesforce at any rate how shiny it is. SAP4HANA is also somewhat convulsed even if the cloud is based. If you still use it on perm, it could be an interesting touchpoint (not compared to SAP4HANA on a private cloud).

    Also, when comparing costs, be careful to emphasize that you only pay for licenses at Techloyce. You don't need to pay server or maintenance costs (something that is often done in the SAP environment), plus no upgrades, you get the biggest and the latest.