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Advanced Search Options - Relative Date searches

This patch makes it possible to use certain parameters in Aras searches which are computed at runtime. For example there is a parameter @userid which is replaced by the userid of the currently logged in user each time the search is executed.

This is extremely handy for saved searches which are shared amongst others: If a search like <created_by_id>@userid</created_by_id> is shared and shown on the TOC, only one SavedSearch item exists in the database, but every user has an individual "Created by me" search available.

Of course you can use multiple parameters in one query, so event statements like "Between yesterday and tomorrow" are possible:

<modified_on condition="between">@today(-1) and @today()</modified_on>


Relative date searches make it possible to have saved searches like

1. New This Week

<created_on condition='ge'>@bow</created_on>   // @bow  aka beginning of week expands to last Monday, 00:00am

2. Due This Month

<due_date condition='le'>@eom</due_date>    // @eom aka end of month expands to first day of next month, 00:00am

3. Locked by myself


Bookmarking the searches allows for a quick access to these parameterizes queries:

While these parameters work independently of the search mode (Simple, Advanced, AML), most of the time you will use them in AML mode, simply because the user interface does not allow to enter freetext for date properties, but will show a calendar widget instead.

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