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Own the Lifecycle: Ready for Whatever Comes Next

A platform built for what’s next: strategic agility for product companies relies on constantly improving your teams’ ability to access and act on product information to achieve digital transformations that are hard to predict in a swiftly changing market. The ability to impact and adjust the platform technology itself, to change and adapt it to whatever need may come next, is key to your strategic agility.

The Aras Platform for High Tech Electronics

Tailored Solutions

Minerva, a former Aras partner, recently merged into Aras, bringing best-in-class PLM functionality and tailored solutions for the electronics and high-tech industry.

Minerva - an Aras Company

Component Search can be Tough

Aras, in conjunction with the IHS Part Database, has taken a new and better approach to the management of component engineering data and processes. Read what independent consultants at CIMdata think.

High Technology with Aras

Enabling Supplier Collaboration

The Aras Platform provides a unified environment that allows users of product information to collaborate around a single set of processes and data. With Secure External Access using the Aras Platform, manufacturers can create a secure means of transferring this data while adhering to their unique IT requirements.

making the connection

Customer Spotlight

Learn how Parata replaced a system of paper check sheets with an Aras solution that is manageable, scalable, and ultimately improved the quality of their products.

Raising the Bar for Product Quality in an Age of Ever-Increasing Product Complexity

The Aras Component Engineering and IHS CAPS database partnership and the resulting connectivity are part of the Aras message to “rethink PLM” and the assumptions about how external data sources can be directly incorporated into the product lifecycle.

- CIMdata Commentary

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