New free version ...

Hello everyone, 

did someone know when the free release will be update ?

The 12sp9 was released in august 2020, the declared plan of aras was releasing one new free version every year.

Probably they change their mind ... 

  • Hi Davide,

    I have heard they still plan to provide free versions. But I assume the next one only will be a later version of Innovator 12. Of course free users are of lowest priority, so future is not predictable. 

    I assume there were no updates last year simply because they were too distracted. Customer projects more or less take all their resources. You can see this by complete disappearance of any Aras personal inside this forum and the fewer amount of published articles (most of them are marketing).

  • Thank you for your reply ... 
    but you kwow, first they start with "open source PLM" without releasing any source.
    then they told free version every year and, till now, no new version is appeared.

    It's becoming hard to belive them ... 

    they always says don't want become like 3ds/ptc ... but in the fact, in this moment, they act like them.

  • Davide

    the source was never offered as part of the open source - Aras has always been clear about that.  The core is managed by Aras alone while the data model, code tree, and API are open for the users to manipulate as they desire.   

    I'm also wondering when the new open release will come out. 


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