Authority Mismatch on Settings vs. signin state after upgrading from R21 to R27

My R21 environment (dev) had no issues prior to applying the R27 patch. Can't get his resolved.  Hopefully somebody else in thee community have had this and resolved this issue. 

From oidc-clinet-ts.min.js:   this._settings.authority !== t.authority && r.throw(new Error("authority mismatch on settings vs. signin state"))

  • Hi Etienne,

    that more a question for Aras support. Many users in this forum still use previous releases. Wink

    The error message indicates a authentication problem. Which type do you use? OAuth, OIDC, SAML? Some require custom Aras DLLs.

    Some general tips: Check your redirect URLs in one of the oauth server configs and your URL you use to access Innovator.

  • Hi Angela, 

    Thank for taking the time to respond.  I am reaching out to the ARAS community to see if anyone else have resolved this error. 

    I have an SI open, but we can't it resolved.  Some background: Aras Support used a copy of our code tree and applied the patch successfully in their environment.  We then stepped though applying the R27 patch in our environment, (to a working R21 environment),  and it fails with this error.   

    Prior to the upgrade users could sign in with both OpenID and OAuth.  No issues.

    We have reviewed the Redirect URLs in the OAuth Server configs, but again, the Redirects worked prior to applying R27 patch.