How to pass context id of calling element to custom HTML or TOC view in new tab?

Hi community,

is any one familiar with opening custom HTML pages or Forms in a new tab? I right now work on something similar as shown in this blog article:

The article describes how to open a html page in a custom tab as alternative to a pop-up dialog.
In my case I open a custom Form instead of the html page, but it basically the same concept.

Does any one know how to pass custom parameters to the html page / opened Form?

When we just open the Form as regular pop-up dialog, we can pass the context item and custom parameters within the parameters block just as shown in the code sample.
But how do we pass the context item or other properties to the html page? The blog article unfortunately doesn´t cover this detail.

Would be happy if anyone has an idea or hint that could work!

Thanks for any help!


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  • Hi,

    I think I found a solution! 

    As mentioned by Riaan, we can pass additional parameters to the html start page. This also works from a Method. My problem was only to read the passed properties form another "onLoad" Method as soon as the new tab pops up.

    Solution: We can use parent.frameElement.src; to get the calling URL in the onLoad Method. This string will contain the complete html query string including custom parameters.

    With URLParams we then can get the individual passed parameters. It´s not as convenient than passing a complete item to a regular dialog, but at least we can pass a few string parameters.

    A similar concept is more or less used in the regular StructureBrowser, so I think the solution is fine until we find a better one.