How to export TOC with Sort = CUSTOM


I'm able to export my TOC correctly with Sort = "alphebatical".

But I don't find which object I need to export to have my new TOC with sort = "Custom".
I tought it was included in com.aras.innovator.cui_default.toc.xml....but No !

Which one is it ?


  • Hi Breton,

    com.aras.innovator.cui_default.toc is just the replacement of the "Categories" List from I12 and I11. 

    There is not special saving location. The "custom" mode is just a trick. By default Innovator sorts alphabetical. If custom is enabled, Innovator sorts by the sort_order used for the CommandBarItem in the corresponding TOC-CommandBarSections. So as soon you export your CUI items, you automatically rebuild the "Custom" sorting.

    This is stuff you learn, when building your own self-update concept Sunglasses (But answer can be wrong anyway, cause I so far haven´t imported/exported the TOC. Let me know if it makes sense....)


  • Hello, thank you for your answer. :-)

    But, when I install a new platform (example: OPER), I have to MANUALLY adjust the Custom parameter in the TOC management to have the correct order.

    Is it possible to have the correct sort without manually updating the parameter after deployment?


  • You ask the right question, but I do not have the right answer.

    This task is one part of my update concept were I still don´t know if I automate it by script or manually adjust the TOC after deployment. 

    To my current (!!!) knowledge, you need to update the sort_order of com.aras.innovator.cui_default.toc AND sort_order of the individual TOC sections of each ItemType.

    So theoretically you only have to merge sort_order of table CommandBarSectionItem, cause this table contains all elements. Maybe just merge the table completely with SQL. You could maybe also use an AML script to update the items to the new target values. 

    If you have a subscription, ask Aras! You will not be the only person that is interested in this one, so I see a big chance they will provide a generic script for this task. --->  “Awesome idea with the custom TOC but how on earth do you expect us to import/export these data?”

  • Hello,

    yes I have a subscription and I sent the same to ARAS.
    I'm waiting the answer.

    Thanks a lot for your help and answer  :-)


  • Hello, I received response from ARAS : It works fine now !!

  • Hi Breton,

    thanks for the feedback! It seems like I misunderstood your question. I was too focused on the sort order itself and haven´t noticed that you wanted to change the default setting.

    Happy to see that you were able to solve it!