No code displayed in Edge/Chrome JS debugging window


When I debug JavaScript code in Aras, the code doesn't appear in the debugging window. When I reset the debugging window to the default settings (F1/Restore defaults and reload in Chrome), it works for some time but then it stop to work again.

I'd like to note that I didn't have this problem before, so I'm wondering if anyone else had the same problem as I did. Version 12.0 sp12.

  • I've got same issues with Chrome 117+ (older versions still work), no matter the Aras version. Firefox was working until very recently, probably it is the last version that broke too.

    While I have not found any Chrome/FF debugger settings that work reliably, here are some workarounds I use:

    • Use PortableApps and download older versions of Chrome/FF.
    • The issue occurs mostly in Form and Field events, and sometimes in CUI methods. I "detached" the code from the Form/Field event Methods by creating a new Meethod that has just one line code: the aras.evalMethod() function to call my main method (which was before linked directly to the Form/Field event)
  • aras.evalMethod(...) worked beutifully, thanks a lot Alderaan!
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  • Krepop, Alderaan, Angela,

    Just as an update.

    Neither Edge or Chrome work at all for debugging with the exception of, as you suggested above, when I use aras.evalMethod(....). In fact Edge has been extremely unstable for general development use.

    Now Firefox was updated, automatically, to 120.0 and I have full debugging capability. For me it has been the most stable browser.

    Innovator R22

    Edge version: 119.0.2151.72

       Issues experienced:

          No js debugging,

          Not Locked exception on a regular basis,

          The method editor [Save] and [Done] button grey out and you can't save the method.

    Chrome version: 119.0.6045.160

       Issues Experienced:

          No js debugging

          Not Locked exception occasionally