Build your own Conflict Minerals Solution in Innovator with PLM Undergrounds building kit!

Hi community,

Today, I have some exciting news to share that's a little different from my usual contributions in this forum.
As you may know, I work since years with Aras Innovator and you can see my continuous progress by my over 1200 posts in this forum.
Over the years I developed a wide range of tools for my company. A couple of these so solutions, which have been tried and tested in our own operations, are now available for your business too!

If you are looking for a conflict minerals solutions, get in contact to learn more about my Conflict Minerals Management Building Kit for Aras Innovator.

The building kit offers a user-friendly, cost-effective approach to handling conflict materials within your supply chain. You can seamlessly integrate it into your existing Innovator, enhance your compliance practices and drive sustainability.


  • Automatically process CMRT/EMRT data from your suppliers. The building kit even contains automatisms to deal with corrupted data from suppliers (to a certain degree).
  • Create CMRTs/EMRTs based on your product data in Innovator
    • Analyze your BOMs to detect relevant Manufacturers and Products
    • Create your company specific CMRT/EMRT either on company level (all products) or for a selection of products (e.g. specific selections for individual customers or product lines).
  • Create reports and statistics to determine how many of your Manufactures and individual components have been evaluated. Discover missing or outdated data fast and easy!
  • Track the usage of smelters and update problematic smelters and the affected Parts more easily.
  • No DLLs, full source code included! No Aras subscription needed! No hard to customize codetree components!


Why a building kit?

  • Conflict Mineral Management is not just a “install a software” task . Managing conflict minerals in your company involves implementing responsible sourcing practices and complying with relevant regulations. The project shows a possible approach. But here and there you will have to adjust something or slightly customize the solution to fit your business needs.
  • Parts of the code and building concepts can be reused for own projects (e.g. data import/export, async functions, CUI, how to override Aras components, fancy styling ideas, pre-validation and error handling, loading spinners,...).
  • All code components include detailed documentation to make them easy to follow – even with less programming experience!
  • Videos explains:
    • How to work with CMRTs/EMRTs data (including specific peculiarities from our own practical experience)
    • How to use the building kit
    • How it works and can be customized on admin level (basic knowledge in configuring Innovator is assumed)
    • and why certain building techniques were used for specific tasks (incl. alternatives ideas for your custom solutions).

Get in contact to get a demo and learn more!

Best regards!


  • If interested, I also plan to provide a building kit for my custom Batch Loader alternative ("PLM Underground´s DataLoader Royal"). It has a couple of useful features that the original Aras batch loader (or comparable tools from partners) don´t have:

    - It´s an Excel/Txt/CSV import tool INSIDE Innovator
    - It has a easy to use AML editor with syntax highlighting and error checks:

    - You can specify and store import templates for various user groups. Some users may only be allowed to upload BOMs while Admins may upload something else. 
    - With some trick it can even upload files!
    - It contains an option to erase existing content before uploading something new (great for BOM updates!)
    - ...

    I right now modernize the tool cause here and there the design look a bit dated and I want to optimize the tool for very large datasets (import of 100.000+ items). And it obviously misses the English language pack.
    Despite these tiny tasks on the roadmap, we use the tools since 2 years on a daily basis and it just works!

    Get in contact if you want to learn more!