The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to selecting a PLM or PDM system, powerful, out-of-the-box capabilities are important — to get your implementation started quickly and maximize the value delivered.

But, as anyone who has implemented PLM or PDM knows, out-of-the-box only gets you so far. Every company has its own unique approach to managing product development and support so flexibility to adapt to different business needs is just as critical. And not just once, but for the life of the system.

Powerful, Flexible, Upgradable

The Aras suite of products includes Aras Innovator®, the Aras platform, as well as additional applications that extend the PLM and PDM capabilities. Aras Innovator and the Aras platform are open-access and include the fundamental capabilities of the Aras PLM/PDM solution. Additional applications with added capabilities are available via an open-access or subscription model.

The Aras applications provide powerful capabilities to help organizations improve the way they manage information and processes, helping them innovate, deploy, and support new products in conjunction with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Aras applications are flexible to meet evolving business needs. Leveraging the power of the Aras platform, they can be easily customized or extended to address specific company requirements. And thanks to the innovative Model-Based SOA architecture, the entire Aras product suite, including all applications, are inherently integrated with one another, no matter how much customization has been implemented. This means that:

  • Applications can be easily changed at any time, keeping them aligned with the needs of the business
  • Upgrades can performed in a matter of weeks by the Aras support team for customers on subscription, providing access to new capabilities

Open-Access or Subscription

Aras applications are available on either an open-access or subscription basis:

  • Open-access allows organizations to use core application capabilities at no cost
  • Subscription access gives organizations the full all application capabilities and also includes services such as training, support, and upgrades for a flat annual fee