Quickly Access Product Data

During the lifecycle of a typical product thousands of items are created containing critical information which needs to be shared and forms part of the product record. The creators and users of the product records are spread across many functions and often globally distributed making expedient access to product data a critical capability. From requirements to drawings content consumers need to be able to quickly get their needed data and get back to work.

Controlled and Secure Access

Enterprise Search with Aras includes Enterprise class permissions and access control to ensure data is seen by the appropriate team members. Search version and change control for files in multiple formats in a secure, searchable repository. Users across multiple teams and locations now have easy access to critical information required for the projects they are working on.

Key Features

  • Ability to search across all your item types, relationships, and file contents
  • Filter Results based on what is applicable to your needs
  • Conforms to permissions that have been previously established in your database
  • Configurability allows custom definition of search content (items, Relationships, Properties, etc.)


  • Full text search – quickly find data in in any content type
  • Role based permissions ensuring your security model is observed
  • Scalability will ensure efficient search as your database grows
  • Configurability improves efficiency - users only what is needed removing noise


Platform capabilities are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Open Subscription

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