The Challenges of Process Manufacturing

Chemical producers and process manufacturers are challenged to create, control and manage process information, data and documents as efficiently as possible.

The highly regulated sector must meet mandates for full traceability of formulas and equipment, as well as control change management, ensuring that specifications and recipes follow the appropriate approval process.

Document management is an especial challenge to process industries – including implementing centralized management, storage, control and validation of specification documents and regulatory requirements.

Process Manufacturing for Chemical
An Overview of Aras Innovator

Improved Management, Control, Compliance

Process-based companies are improving product development with a flexible, scalable and upgradeable PLM platform to control critical product information and respond quickly and accurately to changes for improved compliance.

Aras offers comprehensive Document Management, Requirements Management and Formula Management with a centralized repository for all product-related information creating a single view of the truth.

Chemical and other process manufacturers can work smarter with cross-functional business process workflows for research and development (R&D), quality and regulatory, manufacturing operations, procurement, global suppliers and outsourced manufacturers. The solution enables process manufacturers to achieve faster time to market, better quality and productivity.

The Aras Value for Chemical Producers

Aras’s resilient PLM platform provides an advanced application modeling environment allowing business-specific requirements to be quickly met.

  • Formulas and specifications
  • Production processing instructions
  • QA and test procedures
  • Document management - revision and version control for both items and files
  • Enterprise change management workflows
  • Reporting

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