Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 at 4:00 P.M. CET

Listen to how Technip Energies Loading Systems successfully and quickly replaced a legacy system with Aras Innovator and Agile methodology to support Product Engineering with the partner & system integrator Inensia.

In this presentation, Guillaume Fong, Mechanical Engineer & PLM Product Owner of Technip Energies Loading Systems, and Olivier Jacquot, Managing Director at Inensia, share their experiences on replacing an obsolete PDM system and bringing the management of As-Design and As-Built configurations, documents & geometries, engineering changes into Aras Innovator, and how the system provides interfaces with Supply Chain & Manufacturing (ERP), Master Data Management, as well as several custom features.

You will get an overview of the business stakes and digital strategy, as well as the effective governance and agile methodology chosen to deploy a first “Minimum Viable Product” release scope in production in less than six months. You will also get insights into the PLM Roadmap and how it will drive the strategic transformation from “Document-Centric” to “Data-Centric” processes & organization at Technip Energies, particularly at Loading Systems.

And last but not least, learned lessons and recommendations will be shared from end-user client and integrator perspectives.

This webinar will be hosted in English. 
Other time zones: 
December 5, 10:00 AM ET 
December 5, 7:00 AM PT

How Technip Energies LS Replaced Legacy Engineering System Under 6 months with Agility