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Demo: What's New in Aras Innovator?

Advance your Digital Transformation with the latest features in Aras Innovator: new user experiences to improve productivity, new capabilities to visualize and navigate your PLM data, and brand-new applications that extend and advance your product development processes. See them all demonstrated here, in this hour-long, end-to-end demonstration.

What's New in Aras Innovator

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Aras Enterprise SaaS

Aras Enterprise SaaS propose un environnement PLM prêt à l'emploi, avec des fonctionnalités d'Ingénierie Systèmes et de Continuité Numérique capables de transformer votre organisation.

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Requirements Engineering

Managing requirements is fundamental to designing great products. Learn how to author and manage requirements in the Digital Thread with Aras.

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Systems Architecture

Realize new levels of traceability from requirements, to functional and logical elements, to physical parts, while integrating with external system modeling tools.

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Simulation Management

Released in Aug 2020, Aras’ Simulation Management application connects simulation to the digital thread of your product’s data, managing inputs and results together.

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Dynamic Product Navigation

PLM data can do more when your CAD viewables become the visual context for your product’s information. Search, navigate, and interrogate PLM data quickly and easily.

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Digital Twin Core

Provide context for products in the field with a digital record of every update and change. This physical parts BOM is connected to all of its PLM data upstream.

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Test Automation Framework

Admins can automate and manage tests to advance CI/CD for the Aras environment, accelerating roll-out, minimizing end-user disruptions, and accelerating upgrades.

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Variant Management

Efficiently manage product variants and maximize reuse of a product platform.

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