URGENT!! Are any Aras license servers down? - Framework license key pop-up appears frequently !!!

Hi community,

since this morning I get following popup dialog whenever I start-up Innovator:

I haven´t seen the error message before and I am unsure what can cause this one to appear.

I made some investigation and this is what I can tell so far:

- The pop-up appear on ALL my Innovator 12 instances. Most of them run on independent servers.
- I don´t get the dialog popup for Innovator 14 / Release 2023
- The licensing options in the top-right corner menu are not available. Options like "Feature tree update" or "Enter a license key" are not available
- Only admins get the popup
- The browser debugger indicates the popup is related to licensing

As all of my Innovator 12 instances (various versions) are affected at the same time, I somehow doubt that I caused the issue. 
So I assume some service is down on Aras side.

@ Community: Does any of you receive a similar popup?

  Can you please check?

The good news: So far everything works as expected. But I assume subscription users could be affected. 

Thanks for your help! Hope we get rid of the popup soon.


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