Life Sciences

Manage regulatory compliance through the product lifecycle.

Leaders in Life Sciences Using the Aras Platform

Mastering Design Control with Medical Device PLM

From project management and integrated requirements to traceability and reporting, leading companies address key challenges with flexible, scalable and upgradeable PLM. Minerva Medical Device PLM helps the industry work more effectively, reduce time-to-market and ensure regulatory compliance.

Innovation, Compliance, and Lean Product Development

Life Science companies operate in a complex, regulatory environment that demands collaboration and integration for product development. Manufacturers are often limited by legacy PLM, standalone databases, and other silos of information to track device master records, design history files, and engineer change orders, CAPA, and key project data that is often manually interchanged. 

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Quality, Compliance, and Innovation

Stringent regulations, multi-disciplinary development and production processes, comprehensive research trials, along with associated risks, are mission-critical challenges facing today’s global Life Sciences companies.

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Required: A Flexible and Resilient System

Whether the focus is services, facilities or equipment, Life Sciences companies face constant pressure to keep pace with the latest advancements and bring innovation to market faster.

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Drive Innovation, Quality, and Responsiveness 

Whether the focus is services, facilities, or equipment, Life Sciences companies face constant pressure to keep pace with the latest advancements and bring innovation to market faster.

Once our users open their mind to the fact that the tools delivered by Minerva and Aras make their job so much easier, they adapt themselves quickly to the new system. With Minerva Medical Device PLM, on top of Aras Innovator, we have a nice and clean solution that is extremely easy to use, and the feedback is that everything is easier to do now. The functionalities are much more useful now, so our users are very satisfied with working with the system.

- Eli Tuber, IT Process Manager at Carestream Health

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Resilient Platform

Create digital industrial applications with our open, low-code technology. Develop any solution for engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of complex products.

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La continuité numérique

La gestion de la continuité numérique de bout en bout est essentielle pour rester maître du cycle de vie, car elle permet aux équipes étendues d’avoir accès aux informations et activités relatives à vos produits. 

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Open Architecture

Aras has an open architecture that features an open data model, open interfaces, and use of open web standards.

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Aras’ Platform Security utilizes a combination of strategies to protect your IP and support compliance to critical regulatory programs.

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Ingénierie des Exigences

Optez pour une technologie transformationnelle pour gérer votre cahier des charges conformément à la configuration globale de votre produit.

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Aérospatial et défense

Améliorez la gestion de vos informations et processus produits stratégiques à votre mission.

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Découvrez comment Aras relève les défis que l’avenir réserve au secteur automobile.

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High Tech Electronics

Step up global product development—including process automation, workflow, document control, and functionality—to support standards, quality, and regulatory compliance.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Continuously innovate smart and connected products to capture new opportunities and outpace the competition as markets shift.

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