Manage demanding programs and complex processes

Changing Dynamics

Shipbuilding is a long cycle business and the challenges faced by today’s shipbuilder grow more difficult by the year. Rapid technological innovations in design and construction, increased system complexity, risk of cost/timescale overruns, quality issues, complicated change management as well as increasing safety and performance requirements are only a few of the dynamics the industry must manage.

At the same time, many shipbuilders must adhere to mandates relating to the award, administration, and performance of government contracts, while investing in their operations to stay competitive.


Improving Competitiveness


The industry’s leading shipbuilders turn to Aras PLM to more effectively manage demanding programs, complex processes including change management, program management and requirements management. Shipbuilders better manage product related information processes, improve data sharing and collaboration, streamline program management and ensure compliance.

A complete set of capabilities manages the lifecycle of complex, multi-disciplinary programs from requirements, through development, manufacture and support.

The Aras Value for Shipbuilders

Using Aras PLM, shipbuilders can better manage complex ship programs:

  • Improved concurrent working and collaboration for reduced cycle times
  • More efficient change management for better impact assessment, reduced delays
  • Improved cross-functional coordination leading to less rework, reduced schedule impact, lower unplanned cost
  • Improved compliance management to conform to regulations, manage risks and liability, achieve performance goals

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