Disconnected Technical Publication Processes

When creating technical publications such as catalogs, maintenance manuals, regulatory filings and training manuals, many legacy technical publishing systems require that data be pulled from multiple sources, a slow and error-prone process.

With disconnected data sources and difficulty finding the most relevant and up-to-date information, such documents typically require a long lead-time, are prone to errors, and are expensive to produce.

Technical Publications with Aras PLM

Create Smarter Documents

Built on the Aras Innovator® platform, Aras Technical Documentation is a content authoring tool that takes a new approach to the creation of technical publications by using PLM content directly.

Developed in partnership with Orio (formerly Saab Original Parts), the web-based solution cuts out rewriting time and eliminates opportunities for error by using referenced PLM content in a modular fashion. Additionally, notifications of engineering change orders (ECO) can automatically trigger document updates, ensuring that publications use the most relevant, up-to-date information.

Key Features

  • Uses embedded/referenced PLM content to populate documents
  • Document assembly managed through user-defined templates
  • Links to engineering change orders can trigger updates in associated publications, either individually or in batch updates
  • Web-based solution means no client installs
  • WYSIWYG editor supports publishing in XML, HTML and PDF

What is Technical Documentation, its Challenges and Solutions

Find out more about Technical Documentation as well as the challenges and solutions that exist.


  • PLM-based solution means document authoring teams have access to the latest PLM data in a single location
  • Notifications triggered by ECOs ensure documents are composed of the most up-to-date, approved information
  • Use of embedded PLM content cuts out rewriting/rekeying time and eliminates opportunities for error
  • Modular content schemas drive content re-use, saving time and improving document accuracy
  • Content templates maintain consistency, enforce regulatory and safety standards, and ensure corporate guidelines are met
  • Collaboration with multiple authors across departments and geographical locations reduces document lead time


Aras Technical Documentation is an Aras Innovator application. It is available on an open-access basis or through an annual subscription, which comes with additional features, full support, training, and upgrades.

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