Digital Twin Core

Create, Manage, and Sustain Context for any Use Case

Digital Twins for any Asset in any Industry

Digital Twin Core enables the modeling, adapting, and extending of configurations for any asset, system of assets, in any industry. This eliminates the inaccuracies and cost associated with them by creating the context of every unique physical asset in the field so that organizations can support complex scenarios such as predictive maintenance, performance optimization, and even over-the-air software updates.

Digital Twin Core

Build, Manage, and Enable a Powerful User Experience

Hear from Graeme Taylor, Product Manager, as he demonstrates functionality to improve maintenance effectiveness by building and managing Digital Twin configurations. Users are able to access their own critical information – every time the physical asset changes.

Eliminate Inaccuracies and Cost with Digital Twin Core

How to Build

See how Aras users build, maintain, and leverage Digital Twins – exact configurations of physical parts in the field.

How to Build a Digital Twin

Increase Uptime

Increase uptime with the Digital Twin by connecting the individual configuration of any asset to work orders, maintenance crews have the power to access and explore critical information so work can continue, and the job gets done.

Built to Last?

Technology advancements can be the solution to predicting maintenance problems, but you need a proper digital twin configuration approach first.

A Digital Picture, But Not the Whole Story

Our Approach

Technology advancements can be the solution to predicting maintenance problems, but you need a proper digital twin configuration approach first.

The Aras Approach to the Digital Twin

Get Started Generating Value

Hear from Rob McAveney, CTO at Aras, as he answers frequently asked questions about the Digital Twin, what it is, building them, the value they create, and how to get started.

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Aras Enterprise SaaS

Aras Enterprise SaaS provides a fully capable, business ready PLM environment with Systems Engineering and Digital Thread functionality to transform your organization. 

Explore Your Options

Digital Twin

Build and manage configurations for every product or system of products in the field. Make engineering, operations, and maintenance decisions with monetary impact.


Own the Lifecycle

End-to-end actionable data to transform products and businesses. 

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Build with Aras

Success in today’s fast changing business world requires your technology solutions to adapt quickly so you can respond to unknown business risks.

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Connect Everything

Capture your complete, evolving product definition and allow teams across the enterprise to follow a product’s digital history and all of its related digital assets.


Dynamic Product Navigation

PLM data can do more when your CAD viewables become the visual context for your product’s information. Search, navigate, and interrogate PLM data quickly and easily.

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Maintenance Management

Bring together engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance on a single platform to extend the Digital Thread to the field and provide the foundation for Digital Twin.


Simulation Management

Connect simulation inputs, processes, and results while ensuring accuracy, repeatability, and access to teams across the product lifecycle.

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Visual Collaboration

Capturing the conversation demystifies how decisions are made. Visual Collaboration enables users to mark up and comment on items inside the system. 

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