Simulation Management

Enterprise Simulation in the Digital Thread

Development of a Flexible Digital Thread for Managing System Performance Simulation at Toyota Motor Europe

The Model Based Development team at Toyota Motor Europe has demonstrated the potential of a flexible and scalable system-centric digital thread for pre-geometric engineering specifications and the automatic generation of large numbers of simulation models. After this first pilot implementation, TME is now working on the extension to automated simulation processes with the same flexibility and scalability. This webinar highlights the overall vision of the engineering data management solution, its extension to SPDM, and results that have been measured. 

Accelerate Product Development with Simulation Task Automation

The ever-expanding complexities of systems being designed increases the demand for robust and intelligent simulation that is automated, consistent, repeatable, and traceable. While current simulation algorithms are growing ever more powerful, there is a need to make them ever more pervasive across more teams in cross-disciplinary ways. The goal is to enable more simulation, reduce simulation bottlenecks, enable digital verification, and react quicker to changes in product definitions.

Scale the Value of Simulation

Simulation can help accelerate design cycles, optimize performance, reduce rework, and control costs. But its value has historically been limited by siloed tools and expertise.

Managing simulation in the Digital Thread with Aras uniquely connects inputs, processes, and results to an accurate, traceable record of the product’s configuration. This improves access, repeatability, and collaboration, and it enables automated simulations for strategic initiatives like additive manufacturing, generative design, digital twins, system of systems design, and machine learning/AI.

Aras has a strategic OEM partnership with ANSYS. Aras customers may consider ANSYS Minerva, powered by Aras, for an out of the box commercial Simulation Process & Data Management solution.

Connect More Teams to Simulation Best-Practices

Simulation is typically managed in silos using highly specialized tools accessible only to experts. The manual hand-off  between engineering and simulation leads to a time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone process that prevents Digital Thread traceability and limits the use and value of simulation.

Aras Simulation Management connects simulation best-practices to the Digital Thread of product data managed in Aras Innovator, enabling simulation to become an integrated, traceable, and repeatable step in the development, manufacture and support of complex products.

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Leverage Platform-based Simulation Management

With Aras Simulation Management, teams throughout the lifecycle can safely and robustly execute easy-to-use, automated, and repeatable simulation processes. Any engineer can initiate a simulation with automated access to accurate inputs, leverage available multiphysics, multi-fidelity tools and settings, compare findings  from one design variation to the next, and make timely decisions using  simulation results connected to the right version of the product.

And with available connectors to leverage existing commercial and in-house CAD and simulation software, you can easily scale your current simulation investments to more enterprise teams and avoid the time, cost, and training involved in a “rip and replace” effort.


The Digital Thread & SPDM: Will this Bring Simulation out of the Shadows?

For simulation to have a broader financial impact on an enterprise, SPDM needs to be implemented and deployed seamlessly within the broader enterprise, especially as required to support implementations of Digital Threads and Digital Twins. This NAFEMS and Rev-Sim co-hosted webinar explores how these platform concepts advance the use and impact of analysis and simulation in the coming decade.

Realize the Value of Simulation in the Digital Thread

  • Timely decision support and design insight connected to the correct product configuration and requirements
  • Access to best-practice simulation processes for any stakeholder throughout the product's lifecycle
  • On-demand simulation at the right level of model fidelity
  • Automated simulation for digital twin, generative design, system of systems simulations, and machine learning / AI initiatives

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