Getting Change Under Control

As product complexity increases and organizations become more reliant on their supply chains, managing the change process and communicating change status across many groups inside the organization and into the supply chain is an increasing challenge.

Ineffective or poorly managed change processes can leave organizations struggling to improve quality, reduce time-to-market and manage costs.

Change Control With Aras

Streamline Your Processes

The change process in Aras Innovator® manages all change requests, assessments, plans, and orders to a product or system. It also ensures users throughout extended supply chain have easy visibility into the engineering change status through the product lifecycle, where change histories are automatically captured and recorded.

Key Features

  • Standard best practice templates based on CM2 principles
  • Part and document change processes
  • Flexible and adaptable to the needs of your business
  • Automated impact analysis
  • Effectivity and release date
  • Escalation and delegation, group voting, weighted voting, executive veto

Flexible Effectivity at Scale

Whether you're developing individual tail numbers and hull numbers or tracking date and batch, effectivity - when and how engineering change goes into effect - is critical for managing change and configuration to meet customers' requirements.

Aras delivers a flexible, multi-factor approach that enables manufacturers to manage complex effectivity at scale and customize it for their individual business. Aras allows teams to manage all effectivity criteria in a single, dynamic product structure. The result is a massively simplified approach to manage effectivity across large numbers of complex variants and product configurations.


  • Improves ECO cycle times
  • Reduces errors, delays, scrap and rework
  • Improves product quality and reduces cost
  • Avoids delays in product launch
  • Faster response to customer requirements
  • Improves customer service


PLM and PDM capabilities are powered by Aras® applications, which are available on either an open-access or subscription basis.

Enabling Application
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