Configuration Management

Manage Product Configuration Throughout the Lifecycle

Managing Configurations is Complex

Sure, you may only make one product, but often that product has different variations, depending on who your customer is. The product is “the same, but a bit different”.

Managing these differences, tracking the requirements, conveying it to the manufacturing and support teams, adds a whole level of complexity into a manufacturing environment that is accustomed to making the same thing repeatedly.
Configuration Management

Optimizing your Product Development Process with Collaborative Change Management

Managing and communicating is a core challenge for any company that makes products. It needs to be done in a clear, collaborative, and transparent manner―but ever-increasing complexity makes this process exponentially more difficult. 

In Aras Innovator, product change histories are automatically captured and recorded as part of the product development, further building out the product’s digital thread.

Getting the Most Out of Your Product Configurations with Effectivity

Effectivity services on the Aras Innovator platform enable managing effectivity on different product structures. Managing effectivity on the part BOM is the most common case, and the product engineering application incorporates effectivity as part of its comprehensive BOM configuration management capabilities. The most effective approach to manage the product data is to have a single, overloaded structure that consolidates the common content and identifies the differences by use of effectivity. Watch this demo to learn about effectivity management in Aras Innovator.

Variant Management

Managing options and variables is essential to controlling differences from one design to the next. Aras is built to help you do that and communicate it through the value stream.

More on Configuration Management with Aras

Managing Systems Variability with the Aras Platform

Engineers waste a lot of time repetitively re-discovering and re-analyzing issues that were already addressed before. And yet resolved system model instances don’t persist as managed configurations. Formal management of system variability is key to tracing of what was done and understanding how it can be reused.

Stop Wasting Time

Bill of Materials

Bringing complex products to market means collaboratively managing BOMs for mechanical/electrical components and embedded software. BOM management with Aras helps connect and manage multiple sources of information in a single database so the right data gets to the right people.

Customer Success

Key Systems explains how Aras improved their Change Process to reduce time to market, increase stakeholder collaboration, and understand the impacts of each proposed change.

Improved Change Management

Key Systems explains how Aras improved their Change Process to reduce time to market, increase stakeholder collaboration, and understand the impacts of each proposed change.


Aras Enterprise SaaS

Aras Enterprise SaaS provides a fully capable, business ready PLM environment with Systems Engineering and Digital Thread functionality to transform your organization. 

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Own the Lifecycle

End-to-end actionable data to transform products and businesses. 

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Connect Everything

Capture your complete, evolving product definition and allow teams across the enterprise to follow a product’s digital history and all of its related digital assets.


Product Engineering

Supports parts, multi-level bill of materials, CMII standard configuration management and change management, approved vendor and manufacturer lists, and documents.

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Requirements Engineering

Adopt a transformational technology to manage requirements in context with total product configuration.

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Bill of Materials

Control your Bill of Materials across the lifecycle.

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Change Management

Change is the only constant in manufacturing. See how Aras helps you manage it.

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Enterprise Search

Share and search critical information across the lifecycle from requirements to drawings so content consumers can get information quick.

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As your product is developed, it goes through certain stages. Aras's Workflow capabilities allow you to manage the process and see where your product stands.

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