It's Not Just About Parts

Developing complex products, manufacturing and maintaining them through their life requires managing evolving product configurations embodying information developed by multiple groups inside the organization and in the supply chain.

The challenge of managing complex configurations can lead to costly errors and delays.

Configuration Management with Aras PLM

Manage All Configurations

Configuration Management provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration (hierarchical set of information) of a product or system throughout its life.

Key Features

  • Provides configuration identification, control, status accounting and verification
  • Tracks baselines at different stages of the product lifecycle, e.g. as-designed, as-built, as-maintained
  • Utilizes graphical online business process workflows with email notifications and reminders
  • Reflects CMII- and CMPIC-certified best practices for configuration and change management

GE: EBOM / MBOM with Affected Items, Impact Matrix & Effectivity

See how GE customized Aras Innovator to streamline product development across multiple departments for their engineering teams.


  • Provides improved visibility of the product configuration across functions, disciplines through the lifecycle
  • Avoids unnecessary costs and delays
  • Frees up valuable engineering resources
  • Helps ensure product quality
  • Reduces errors, delays, scrap and rework


PLM and PDM capabilities are powered by Aras® Applications which are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Configured Item Types
Application Open Subscription
Parts, Documents
Product Engineering
Quality Plans
Quality Management System
Technical Publications
Technical Documentation
Requirements Requirements Management

CAD Documents
CAD Connector or PDM Integration

Software ALM Integration

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