Bill of Materials Management

Manage Your BOM Throughout the Entire Lifecycle

Take Control of Your BOM Across the Enterprise

Outdated and disconnected BOMs cripple product development, leading to manufacturing delays, scrap, or product failures.

Bringing complex products to market means collaboratively managing BOMs for mechanical/electrical components and embedded software. BOM management with Aras helps connect and manage multiple sources of information in a single database so the right data gets to the right people.

Bill of Materials

Complete BOM Visibility

BOM management with Aras Innovator helps organizations connect and manage multiple sources of information in a single database. Easily create and maintain structured, multi-level bills of materials for each stage of the product lifecycle. Easily synchronize EBOMs and MBOMs for clear visibility into cross-disciplinary change statuses through, design, manufacture, and service.

Collaborate and Control BOMs in a Centralized Collaborative Location

Aras Manages BOMs

Aras Innovator manages Bills of Materials in the context of design, manufacturing, technical documentation, and into the supply chain.

Customer Success

See how GE Aviation customized Aras Innovator to streamline product development across multiple departments for their engineering teams.

The Platform to Manage BOMs

As designs move from one stage to the next, information becomes more complex and complete. From Concept to Development and into Manufacturing and Service, BOMs evolve. Companies need a platform to keep product information comprehensive.
The Aras PLM Platform eBook

Not All Products are Created Equally

While products may be designed to be identical, changes inevitably happen along the way. Suppliers change, quality issues are fixed, and various batches may get alternative parts.


Own the Lifecycle

End-to-end actionable data to transform products and businesses. 

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Resilient Platform

Create digital industrial applications with our open, low-code technology. Develop any solution for engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of complex products.

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Connect Everything

Capture your complete, evolving product definition and allow teams across the enterprise to follow a product’s digital history and all of its related digital assets.


Product Engineering

Supports parts, multi-level bill of materials, CMII standard configuration management and change management, approved vendor and manufacturer lists, and documents.

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Reconcile your BOM

Manage manufacturing data and processes.  Create graphical and concurrent process plans, MBOM and work instruction authoring, plus real-time EBOM/MBOM reconciliation.

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Change Management

Change is the only constant in manufacturing. See how Aras helps you manage it.

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Configuration Management

Manage evolving product configurations developed my multiple groups inside the organization and within the supply chain.

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Secure External Access

Improve productivity and collaboration by securely sharing designs with outsourced partners. A flexible approach for connecting partners, suppliers, and manufacturers.

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Enterprise Search

Share and search critical information across the lifecycle from requirements to drawings so content consumers can get information quick.

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