Medical Devices

Enable regulatory compliance, reduce risk, achieve faster time to market.

Medical Device Leaders Solve Their Toughest Challenges with the Aras Platform

Own the Lifecycle

Increasingly, product and services companies are seeking more information and control in the operational lifecycle of their products, including service and use in order to build more sustainable products delivering sustainable business value. Get more insights from our blogs focusing on Owning the Lifecycle, The Digital Thread, and The Digital Twin.

Medical Device Manufacturers Building with Aras

Carestream Health

Carestream Health, an international leader in the medical industry, manages projects and Design History Files with the Aras Platform. See how they’ve successfully lowered costs, increased faster time to market, and achieved regulatory compliance.

Minerva Carestream case study

Drager and Digital Transformation

As part of its digital transformation efforts, Dräger, a leading international manufacturer of medical and security technology, replaced its Oracle Agile e6 installation with Aras Innovator.

How Drager Does Digital Transformation

Own the Lifecycle

More than ever before, medical device companies are being challenged to be more efficient and bring more products to market faster while reducing and controlling costs. Find out how medical device companies can benefit from using PLM and taking ownership of the lifecycle.

Own the Lifecycle

Once our users open their mind to the fact that the tools delivered by Minerva and Aras make their job so much easier, they adapt themselves quickly to the new system. With Minerva Medical Device PLM, on top of Aras Innovator, we have a nice and clean solution that is extremely easy to use, and the feedback is that everything is easier to do now. The functionalities are much more useful now, so our users are very satisfied with working with the system.

- Eli Tuber, IT process manager at Carestream Health

Leveraging Partner Expertise with Minerva Group

Minerva is the most experienced Aras partner with the largest dedicated Aras practice. Over 2 decades, Minerva has implemented PLM in nearly every discrete industry and developed solutions for Medical Device and Electronics and High Tech industries on the Aras platform. Minerva’s PLM implementations are performed via in depth value chain understanding combined with expert human and technology services. Minerva delivers real results every time by optimizing business through connecting people, processes, and technology.

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