Connecting Applications to Extend and Customize Technology

Fundamentally CAD Agnostic

The Aras Innovator Platform is unique in the way that it did not emerge from the need to manage a specific type of CAD. 

Innovator manages all CAD with equal fidelity in a unified environment.  Connectors are available through a variety of partners who leverage our open APIs to build robust integrations.

XPLM integrations with Aras Innovator

Do you want to react flexibly to new customer requirements and shorten time-to-market while always making fact-based decisions? Then integrate all relevant product information via XPLM into your workflows, whether the data comes from internal sources or your customers, business partners, and suppliers. XPLM’s powerful integrations with Aras Innovator help implement the end-to-end data and process consistency you need.

ECAD Integrations

Automate the data management of your ECAD tools for PCB and electrical design in Aras Innovator – and do it from your familiar CAD environment.

MCAD Integrations

If your goal is mechatronic product lifecycle management, integrate your MCAD tools in Aras Innovator to reap the benefits of broad data management support.

Other Integrations

Increase your digital added value by easily interlinking any product and business data across all system-, functionality- and organizational boundaries.

Connect to Extend Technology

Expand your Aras Innovator Experience

The ability to seamlessly connect applications is critical in today’s complex system environments. Aras connectors are an example of the platform’s open architecture allowing the creation of new capabilities that extend and customize technology.

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