Documents Are Important Too

Microsoft Office is a key set of tools used during all stages of the product lifecycle for a myriad purposes. Many documents contain critical information which needs to be shared and forms part of the product record.

However, typically these documents are disconnected from the product record, get lost in shared folders and accidentally deleted from hard drives. Learn more about PLM connectors with Aras.

Office integration

Bring Order to Chaos

Office Connector extends the benefits of PLM to Excel, Word, and Outlook. Users can manage documents while working within the familiar, easy to use Microsoft environment. Additionally, Office Connector provides administrators with capabilities for document control, security, naming, templates and more.

Key Features

  • Document lifecycle status management, versioning and user access control

  • Document classification based on document type

  • Automatic document numbering and naming

  • Document linking to related items like parts and projects

  • Bi-directional property mapping between Aras and inside document text

  • Viewables automatically created for Visual Collaboration


  • Easy access across the enterprise to critical documents reduces unnecessary errors and delays

  • Supports global product development and supply chain collaboration strategies

  • User authentication and access management increases control over critical intellectual property

  • Ability to include Office documents in all PLM processes increases engineering efficiencies

  • Ease of use ensures rapid adoption

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What we loved about Aras from the very beginning is that we were able to see functionalities tuned to our needs. I was used to spending days with the consultants talking about functionalities on PowerPoint slides without having a feeling of how the user would actually interact with the system. With Aras, it was totally different and allowed us to have a better sense of what we were actually developing from the very beginning.

- Maurizio Cosolo, Technical Director at IWT

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