Today's Security Challenge

Today's companies face a challenging dilemma. They must share information openly to support their collaborative product development and manufacturing processes, while preventing misuse of data, protecting intellectual property (IP) rights and mitigating the legal, financial and business risks of security related issues.

Authentication with Aras


The Aras security model determines the identity of every user attempting to access the system to ensure they are who they claim to be. In addition, the authentication mechanism allows password settings to be easily configured.

The Aras security model is proven in mission-critical operation by global industrial organizations, defense contractors, and life sciences firms.

Data Access and Authorization

The Aras security model determines what information each user is able to access by managing their access permissions. There are three types of access control supported by the Aras PLM Platform:

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Role-based Access Control

Sets permissions based on the user’s defined identities (role, groups, etc.) and specifies which actions can be performed item type and state

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Attribute-based Access Control

The clearance level of the user must meet or exceed the classification level of the item being accessed

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Relationship-based Access Control

Involves the establishment of domains which are described using derived relationship families and is well suited to for external access control

Businesses who depend on their ability to innovate rapidly, working closely with customers, partners and suppliers need a PLM infrastructure they can rely on to keep their information secure

- Making the Connection: The How-To’s of Connecting Suppliers, Partners, and Manufacturers 

Platform Security

Aras offers a flexible approach for connecting partners, suppliers, and manufacturers to the Aras PLM Platform.

Secure External Access (SEA) connects external partners to the company’s PLM Platform, while providing highly secure access controls for IP. Conceptually, SEA provides direct data access, with no artificial data packaging, allowing natural access to data and processes. To the external user, it appears as if they are directly using the Platform.


ITAR Compliance


The Aras PLM Platform ensures compliance with regulations which dictate that information pertaining to defense and military related technologies may only be shared with U.S. persons unless authorization or a special exemption is provided.