Aras Platform Security

Protecting Your Company, Your Company's Assets, and Your Shareholders

Security with Confidence

The Aras Platform provides organizations with a highly configurable environment to build a complex security model customized to their business needs. In most cases, these security models are built without writing a line of code. 

Making the Connection

As companies undergo digital transformation but are unable to accommodate modern product development, it becomes apparent their tools and processes were designed for a simpler era—especially as more of product design is outsourced to external suppliers. This white paper will explore how to improve collaboration between suppliers, partners, and manufacturers via the Aras Platform.

Aras Innovator Access Control Video Series

Intended for Aras Innovator developers and administrators, this series of videos provides guidance on how to plan and configure user access control in Aras Innovator, using the rich set of mechanisms available.  You will learn strategies for gathering access control requirements, how to choose from among the various options, and how to configure each mechanism.

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Securing Your IP

Watch this presentation to learn how you can transform your global supplier collaboration while securing your IP. 

Aras’ Platform Explained

Take a deeper dive into the design principles and architecture of Aras’ resilient platform. See how the flexible platform adapts to changing business requirements without impacting your business.

The General Motors Experience

How the Aras Platform benefits customers: “Chad Jackson Discussing General Motors' Deployment of Aras Innovator"

Access Control Mechanisms

How the Aras Platform benefits customers: “Chad Jackson Discussing General Motors' Deployment of Aras Innovator"

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Aras Enterprise SaaS provides a fully capable, business ready PLM environment with Systems Engineering and Digital Thread functionality to transform your organization. 

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Own the Lifecycle

End-to-end actionable data to transform products and businesses. 

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Connect Everything

Capture your complete, evolving product definition and allow teams across the enterprise to follow a product’s digital history and all of its related digital assets.


Resilient Platform

How do you own the lifecycle? One resilient platform, end-to-end, concept through service, built on shared services, low-code architecture, customizable apps, and more.


Resilient Platform

Create digital industrial applications with our open, low-code technology. Develop any solution for engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of complex products.

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Aras executes platform upgrades as part of the subscription so customers never fall behind technologically.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Continuously innovate smart and connected products to capture new opportunities and outpace the competition as markets shift.

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See how Aras is meeting the automotive challenges of tomorrow.

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Aerospace & Defense

Better manage product-related information and processes specific to mission critical requirements.