Requirements Engineering

The rising complexity of systems across the industrial landscape is driving companies to adopt transformational technologies to manage requirements in context with total product configuration. Aras’ Requirements Engineering application is a new, next generation solution for managing requirements within a PLM platform.

Customer Requirements

Stakeholder requirements generally originate in written narratives from customers, governing agencies, or are derived from internal business goals all driving what the product should be. These foundational requirements must be decomposed from emails, conversations, meetings, documents and spreadsheets; into formalized requirements documents, individual requirements, parameters with traceability, units and relationships, forming the genesis of a digital thread.

Systems Engineering

These then become inputs into the system model; ready for rigorous engineering intervention. Having all requirements available and visible to the various engineering disciplines; specifically, electronics, mechanical, and software enables a holistic view critical to development in today’s hyper-complex world.

Supplier Data Exchange

Suppliers must be exposed to specific parameters and requirements as early as possible in the lifecycle. This level of traceability and collaboration creates a unique competitive advantage to those who can do so.

Detailed Design

In this rich environment of known requirements and parameters, with collaboration possible through visibility of cross-discipline change management and issue resolution, and an overarching system view of the required outcome, engineers can do what they do best--design components, parts, assemblies and systems into elegant finished products, meeting internal and external stakeholder requirements.


Simulation then happens continuously throughout the lifecycle with ever increasing fidelity--validating known parameters. Automating simulation is possible, as the data needed is readily available in the PLM ecosystem. In today’s world of complex products comprising many transdisciplinary artifacts this is essential.

Manufacture and Test

Data collected in manufacturing and testing can now be correlated and traced back to original requirements.


This final stage of the product lifecycle is the ability to track and collect customer experience data leading to new business models and opportunities. For example, manufacturers are no longer developing automobiles but rather a “mobility service” where they own the car and the service. This feedback forms new requirements, closing the loop and continuing the lifecycle.

Aras' Requirements Engineering Application

Integrated Requirements

Requirements Engineering provides powerful capabilities for complex systems engineering planning, development and realization through the creation of a single, multi-discipline requirements hierarchy. Change management workflow assures requirements stay in sync as the system or product as it evolves over the lifecycle.

Requirements Engineering Product Brief

Aras® Requirements Management is a next generation requirements management solution embedded in enterprise PLM for systems engineering.

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