Aras Innovator Demo Series


Aras Innovator V12 User Experience

Date: June 6th, 2019 @ 11:00 AM ET


Aras Innovator Version 12 introduces an entirely new client experience to help every Aras user get their work done faster. The navigational architecture of the client has been redesigned to enable users to find the content they need with fewer steps, interfaces have been simplified to clearly identify data and commands that are relevant, and the process of editing data has been updated to be more intuitive for users both experienced and new. Join Kenny Sperling, UX Architect at Aras, as he demonstrates how Aras Innovator Version 12 improves productivity and ease of use.

This 30-minute demonstration will highlight the following capabilities:

  • Tabs for all content — easily return to previous searches and work on tasks in parallel with tabs
  • Navigation Panel — access the primary navigation from any screen to create new items or start a search
  • Command Bars — understand how to find commonly used commands in the simplified and reorganized menus and toolbars
  • Edit and Claim — Edit items and Claim them for later edit using new commands which have replaced Lock and Unlock
  • Item Views — Navigate through the content of an item using the new accordion and tab based interface
  • Favorites — Save a search using new controls and learn about Aras’ plans to unify all types of Favorites, including items, graph views, and more

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