Designing Tomorrow’s Cars

Unprecedented Change

Today's automotive company is challenged to design and develop vehicles in increasingly tight cycle times with globally dispersed teams. Demands for connected vehicles and electrification, including hybrid and battery-powered vehicles, add to pressures. Combined with aggressive CAFÉ requirements, industry light-weighting initiatives and autonomous vehicles marks a time of unprecedented change for product development teams.

Traditional PLM, with its focus on 3D mechanical design, ignores the challenges of managing electronics and software and the interfaces with manufacturing and suppliers. Today's automotive company simply can't succeed with yesterday's PLM.

A New Approach to PLM

By rethinking the way PLM is designed and deployed, Aras offers a fundamentally different approach. One that quickly adapts to your way of working and integrates easily with your existing systems.

Unlike legacy PLM systems, Aras Innovator is flexible and scalable while a subscription model avoids heavy upfront costs and includes upgrades, no matter how much you customize.

Learn how automotive companies drive digital transformation and achieve their long-sought PLM visions to fully support development of complex, connected vehicles.

The Aras Value for Automotive

Aras Innovator provides complete PLM functionality in a single solution. Using Aras Innovator, automotive companies can connect global product development across mechanical, electrical, electronic and software disciplines, manage complex BoMs and support global manufacturing and supply chains. Capabilities include:

  • integrating cross-discipline design authoring tools directly or via legacy PLM/PDM/ALM systems
  • implementing cross-discipline BoM and change management processes
  • providing improved access to suppliers
  • seamless management of processes - e.g. requirements, project management, Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP quality, FMEA, process planning and technical documentation

Aras Innovator is easy to use, mobile-enabled, scalable and deploys in your data center or in the cloud with defense-grade security and federated integration capabilities.

Managing PLM with Aras

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