PLM for academic benefits, business enhancements and more

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The Aras PLM solution suite is used both as a platform to improve business efficiencies in the educational sector, and to enhance educational curriculum.

  • Improve Business Processes: By implementing Aras PLM, educational institutions streamline change management, document management and other common challenges.
  • Enhance Academic Curriculum: The Aras Academic Program gives students hands-on experience with leading edge technology.
University Building

Improve Operational Efficiency

Today’s education institution turns to Aras to improve document management, program management and other key areas.

As an example, the University of Washington relies on Aras Innovator to streamline processes related to new construction and continuing maintenance demands, with improved access to relevant facilities information to ensure proper management.

By rethinking the way PLM is designed and deployed, Aras offers a fundamentally different approach. One that quickly adapts to an Educational institution’s way of working and integrates easily with your existing systems

The Aras Value for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions improve their operations with PLM best practices for:

  • Document Management with version and change control for files in multiple formats in a secure, searchable repository.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics, including Reports, Scorecards, Dashboards and KPI Metrics.
  • Highly Secure Web-based Environment, Need-to-Know Access, Secure Data Exchange and Authentication.

Aras Innovator is mobile-enabled and is available for deployment as meets requirements - in your data center or in the cloud with defense-grade security and federated integration capabilities

Aras Academic Program

Aras Innovator is not only used by leading educational institutions as their PLM backbone. The Aras Academic Program gives students hands-on experience with leading edge technology.

Educational institutions of all kinds can enrich their curriculum with an Aras Academic Subscription - this includes high schools, universities, technical schools and professional schools. The Aras experience is irreplaceable in the undergraduate and graduate level not only for engineering students but also for business, management and computer science students as well.

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