Session: Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 12

Start Date: Monday, May 11, 2020

Duration: 5

Location: Troy

Cost: $3125


This 5-day hands-on training course combines lectures, exercises, and labs to provide an in-depth introduction to the Aras Innovator 12 enterprise application framework.

Attendees will construct and modify solution applications that incorporate custom properties, security permissions, life cycles, and workflows. The configured solution will support defined versioning and behaviors, allow files to be attached and vaulted, email notifications to be sent and use relationships to link to customer and manufacturer data. Participants will also learn how to create user accounts, customize the user interface, organize file vaults and configure custom business rules.

Additional topics include an introduction to configuring Toolbars and Menus, PolyItems, as well as packaging your solutions for export.

This course is intended for: Administrators, Developers and Support Engineers who need a deeper understanding of the Aras Innovator platform. Completion of the Aras PLM Essentials course or previous experience using Innovator is required to attend this session.

Aras Innovator Software Training is Free for Aras Subscribers

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