Because the future is unpredictable, businesses must continually adapt to new requirements to stay competitive and relevant. Consider the past 18 months: the world saw unprecedented change and upheaval, from an ongoing global health crisis and economic volatility to geopolitical uncertainties, broken supply chains, and large-scale cyberattacks.

This unpredictability means, at some point, your vision will shift from its planned course, and business and technology needs will shift with it. Keeping current is paramount—if your PLM implementation is on software from years ago, your technological capability is as many years behind and will continue to lag.

This is where a substantial gap in value forms between leading companies and followers in the same industry, best illustrated in CIMdata’s upgrade study and in the figure below.

 value gap

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To summarize, a company’s vision (blue) grows as technology (green) expands and is better utilized. But companies that are “followers” lag behind the leaders because their PLM software is not current—they’re unable to utilize technology as effectively to capitalize on value potential and realize their vision like the leaders do.

The value gap shown here may not even encompass the true breadth of the gap, because it doesn’t show how the gap widens with a steadily evolving vision. As a leader incrementally adds more capability and value with their PLM software, continually adding and meeting incremental goals and realizing more return on their investment, this creates momentum which increases innovation. More innovation means more opportunities, raising  a company’s vision to new heights.

A modern, up-to-date PLM platform is essential to ensuring you mind the gap between your vision and what your technology can deliver. This is why Aras performs free upgrades as part of your subscription, including customizations without limitations.

The latest version of our PLM software, Aras Innovator 12, features significant usability updates to the Aras web interface, meaning new user experiences, new capabilities to visualize and navigate PLM data, and new applications to enable greater efficiency for users across the extended enterprise. This is complemented by powerful low-code capabilities for application modeling, graph visualization, and supply chain security. Here are some of the enhancements you will enjoy when your organization upgrades to Aras Innovator 12.

Interface Redesign

Today skilled workers expect software that works efficiently with a simple user experience. According to IDC, the two most important factors in workplace transformation are higher employee engagement and increased employee productivity, both of which can be enhanced by a streamlined, easy-to-use software interface.

Aras Innovator 12 introduces an intuitive and greatly enhanced client experience to help people get their work done faster. The simplified interface makes Aras even easier to learn and use, while a navigation redesign helps users find the information they need in fewer steps. Additional productivity improvements span all aspects of the suite.

Powerful New Low-code Application Modeling Capabilities

Aras Innovator 12 continues to extend the platform’s modeling engine by adding new low-code capabilities called the Content Modeling Framework and Technical Documents Framework. These enable the creation of sophisticated data models composed of content at the paragraph, section and field level. The related items are collectively treated as a single entity for the creation and management of documents with impact analysis of changes.

Enhanced Supply Chain Security

Further enhancements to  secure web access, include new permission capabilities for need-to-know scenarios and geopolitical boundary access restrictions. In addition, connected instance sync has been added to the platform for deployments inside and outside the firewall, with supplier data from projects, programs and workspaces. The capabilities cover a wide range of supplier collaboration use cases while enabling companies to dynamically set-up and reconfigure highly specific supply chain access.

Digital Thread Visualization

Also added,  are graph view capabilities for users to visualize and navigate data structures throughout all applications on the platform – subject to user permissions – using a node-edge graph. Users can quickly see multiple views of data relationships in the digital thread for visual analysis of information across the lifecycle.

“Our digital transformation in engineering is intended to redefine usability for greater user productivity,” said Dirk Spindler, Senior Vice President R&D Processes, Methods & Tools at Schaeffler. “We contributed design ideas, inputs and use cases to the new user experience in Aras and are excited for this latest release.”

Start the Upgrade Process

One of the most valuable parts of your Aras subscription is that all upgrades are included, with Aras taking you through the process from start to finish. Take advantage of upgrading to Aras Innovator 12 to keep your technology on track with your business vision.

“Aras Innovator 12 is all about making complicated things easier – supplier access, application modeling, digital thread traceability, business-critical application usability – so we can all be more productive,” said John Sperling, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Aras. “Whether you’re trying to hire and retain tech-savvy workers or changing suppliers as trade policies fluctuate, Aras has unique features to support your global operations.”

Upgrade to Aras Innovator 12 to drive greater efficiency and security across your organization and help you respond with agility to market challenges and opportunities.

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