Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Documents like specifications, assembly instructions, parts lists, training materials, design reviews, and service bulletins all have one thing in common: your product. Managing them outside of PLM means their contents can easily fall behind changes made to the product, incurring significant time, effort, and risk of error when they must be manually updated and revised.

In this half-hour demonstration, see how Aras Technical Documentation can structure the creation of many different kinds of product-related documents by connecting with data from applications across the Aras Innovator platform. It automates data creation, pulling the latest product information into the customizable layout your teams need to work in. And, it automates changes: as each linked piece of content is updated, stakeholders can synchronize the document with the up-to-date information, ensuring accuracy and accelerating the work they do.

Join Kevin Richard, Senior Product Manager and Director of Product Execution at Aras, to see all the ways product-related documents in the Digital Thread can benefit from Aras Technical Documentation.

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