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F.X. MEILLER is a global provider of heavy duty trucking systems for the construction, waste management and commercial vehicle industries. F.X. MEILLER's product lines include three-way, two-way, roll-off and rear tippers; tipping and tipping semi-trailers; heavy-duty dumpers; skip handlers; and trailers for the transport of containers and moving-floor semi-trailers as well as hydraulic systems and lift doors that have proven their worth around the world.


  • Replaces legacy PLM and accelerates performance
  • Faster and more accurate CAD data management
  • Lower operations costs due to system harmonization

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Learn how F.X. Meiller migrated to a modern PLM platform and accelerated performance for large-scale multi-CAD management.

了解Aras PLM 如何实现运行速度比其他 PLM 系统快80%,但只用了其他系统 1/3 的资源