Break Down Barriers

For successful global operation, companies need enterprise systems that support localized user interfaces and local language data storage in order to maximize user adoption and productivity.


Work in Your Language

Our multi-language support includes both the solution screens and all end user data. Translations are stored as data in the database which dramatically simplifies the development and sharing of language packs by eliminating external resource files and the need to re-compile code.

Key Features

  • Supports an unlimited number of user languages simultaneously in a single system
  • Supports the entire ISO/IEC 10646 Unicode character and script set
  • Sorting of user search results occurs in the native language
  • Every user globally is provided with local time zone display
  • User actions are recorded in a defined corporate time zone for synchronization of time and date sensitive activities
  • Language packs currently available include English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Mandarin and Simplified Chinese

Aras Innovator: A Brief Look at Multi Lingual and Localization Capabilities

Learn how to enable different languages and locales by downloading a community maintained language pack, how to localize your user interface yourself if the language pack you need does not exist, and how to edit translations and terms within Aras Innovator.


  • Facilitates highly productive global working
  • Reduces barriers to user adoption
  • Accelerates implementation
  • Reduces implementation risk
  • Simplifies the global coordination of activities


Platform capabilities are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Open Subscription

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