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NAFEMS: Simulation in the Automotive Industry: Driving Convergence to Electrification, Autonomous and Connectivity

December 07, 2022 - Troy, MI

Join Aras at NAFEMS Simulation in the Automotive Industry: Driving Convergence to Electrification, Autonomous and Connectivity, located at the MEC in Troy, MI.

Malcolm Panthaki, SVP Global Alliances, will be presenting “What’s Special About EV’s? Development of a Flexible Digital Thread for System Performance Simulation at Toyota Motor Europe.” Learn about the engineering and data management solution TME built on the Aras platform and how they envision extending it to simulation processes with flexibility and scalability. 

Transformative Business Opportunities During Recessionary Times
Webinar | Virtual

Transformative Business Opportunities During Recessionary Times

January 19, 2023 - 11:00 a.m. ET

In 2022, businesses responded to enormous challenges and ongoing change. This won’t slow down in 2023, but now the name of the game is surviving economic downturns, elevated energy costs, and supply chain disruptions, all while making the right investments in products. And while keeping in mind that many of the world’s greatest companies started during economic downturns, which often present the best opportunities for growing a business while others are retreating.

Join Rob McAveney, Chief Technology Officer, Aras, as he looks at opportunities to invest in supporting your business challenges today while creating the flexibility to adapt to future business conditions and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

ALM and PLM: The Business Case for Marriage
Webinar | Virtual

ALM and PLM: The Business Case for Marriage

January 25, 2023 - 16:00 CET

Accelerate your new product introduction with the innovation twins ALM and PLM. Many products are getting smarter every year, and people from different disciplines must work together to make those products and systems work reliably. The different engineering disciplines involved typically work within their own specialized tools: software engineering in their Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system, electrical engineering in their data management tools, and mechanical engineers manage data in their PLM system. Information exchanges between those silos are often poor and result in substantial manual overhead.

Join us as we work together with PROSTEP and their OpenPDM Integration Platform to explain the business case for the collaboration between ALM and PLM. We’ll answer the question “why should you care?” about the marriage between ALM and PLM.

From the Excel Chaos to Centralized Product Data Management
Webinar | Virtual

Kendrion’s PLM Journey: Disparate Software to a Central Digital Backbone

April 25, 2023 - 16:00 CET

Kendrion, a high-quality manufacturer of electromagnetic systems and components for industrial and automotive applications, will share how they went from disparate software to a central digital backbone with Aras Innovator to maintain a single source of truth for their data coming from more than 20 sites worldwide.

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