Create More Visibility

In order to ensure progress and to identify problems, managers and executives need access to reports providing visibility into business processes and insight into issues.

But typical reporting tools are hard to use and require system administrator or IT help, resulting in long delays waiting for new reports to be created.

Report Your Progress

Aras® Self-Service Reporting is an easy to use capability which allows any user to configure new reports without special knowledge or training.

By creating and modifying reports themselves, users are able to get the right result first time without any delays.

Key Features

  • Configure new reports easily without special privileges or training
  • Combine tables and graphics for easy to interpret reports
  • Output report results and share in multiple formats
  • Ensure user access privileges are respected


  • Improves management visibility of status and progress
  • Identifies process bottlenecks leading to avoidance of delays
  • Improves support for business decision-making
  • Improves team collaboration by sharing insights with co-workers


Platform capabilities are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Open Subscription

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